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Red, Blue and Green - the Global Team

- network of Diversity Icebreaker / Trialogue consultants

Piotr Pluta

Managing Director – Conslutancy, Human Factors AS

MSc in Psychology

DI / Trialogue experience: I have been working with DI / Trialogue in various contexts since 2011: using it in my consultative practice, running advanced train-the-trainer workshops, researching and further developing the tool, as well as publishing and expanding the business model around it.

Background: I have a MSc in Psychology from the University of Wrocław, Poland. I have also studied at the University of Valencia, Spain and did a semester in Industrial and Organizational Psychology graduate program at the East Carolina University, NC, USA.

Key competencies:

  • Psychometrics
  • Statistical analysis
  • Psychological research methods
  • Psychology of humor
  • Process consultation (completed 6 months course at Rambøll)
  • Teambuilding
  • Communication training
  • Downhill and x-country skiing, snowboard, surf

Languages: Polish (native), English, Norwegian and Spanish (proficient)

An interesting story you have about your DI / Trialogue application:
Wow, where to start! I guess one interesting experience was developing and running a DI workshop in a virtual 3D environment. Participants and I had all our “avatars”, filled out the questionnaire and moved about the virtual room as in a normal session. What struck me was the resilience of the tool: despite using digital proxies and despite the geographical separation, the real-time experience was erringly close to a regular DI workshop. The laughter, jokes about Red, Blue and Green, self-identification – all was there! Read more…

Contact information:

mail: piotr(at)

mob: +47 960 49 421

Skype: p.pluta

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