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Red, Blue and Green - the Global Team

- network of Diversity Icebreaker / Trialogue consultants

Natalie Lutze

Consultant, Trainer, and Coach

DI / Trialogue experience:

I have enjoyed working with the DI tool now for several years mostly in intercultural teambuilding seminars with over 9 people. It allows me to recognize simultaneously each participant as a cultural and universal being, as well as a unique individual.

Unique competence beside DI / Trialogue:

Natalie Lutz develops and delivers training programs and workshops, is bicultural French-American, speaks Spanish and has lived in the US, London, Mexico, and France.
Natalie has trained and coached CEO’s and top executives in more than 50 international companies for 25 years which has given her an understanding of challenges and opportunities that international organizations face in a globalized economy.
Natalie combines her knowledge of communication skills and international environments with a passion for helping professionals meet their objectives to deliver training sessions which are dynamic and tailor made to the needs of participants and teams. She has written a book entitled: French and American Perceptions of Arrogance in the Other, which focuses on how we can misunderstand and be misunderstood by others when we have the best intentions.
Natalie is also president and co-founder of Mozaiq, an association dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity and inclusion on a local level. With her multicultural team, she organizes events including an annual Diversity Day which attracts 500-700 participants each year. This initiative seeks to raise awareness and show that diversity profoundly enriches organisations and communities.

An interesting story you have about your DI / Trialogue application:
One of my favourite moments using the DI was when of the 15 participants in my group, the most Red profile was a German woman and the most Blue was an Italian woman. This did a lot to dispel stereotypes and had us laughing quite a bit.

Languages: French and English

Contact information:

mail: nlutz(a)

Skype: lutztati

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