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Red, Blue and Green - the Global Team

- network of Diversity Icebreaker / Trialogue consultants

Liv Cardell

Owner of Cardell Consulting AB. Founder of Red Matters Concepts and writer of the book with the same name.

DI / Trialogue experience: I use DI in my work with managers and organizations. It´s a very good compement to the Red Matters concepts that I have developed and have worked with in many companies and also across Europe and South America. It´s a great tool for open up communication and high light divercity in a group. The strength is that it´s simple to use and remember compared to many other preference tools. For me DI also has an extra dimension since it works with Red Matters, that is about blue, red and green communication, blue red and green organizational domains and blue, red and green tools for meetings. Red Matters has exactly the same colours and definition of the colours whick make them great together. Red Matters is a web of methods in how to get a balance betwee structure, culture and innovation.

Background: Systemic Managment, University of Bedfordshire and Sunderland, Coaching CTI, Risling organisational consulting course one year program, Mental training, Organisational psychology, Social work qualification, Social methodology.

Key competencies:

  • Cooperate Culture (valuedriven, learning organization and valuedriven)
  • High performance teams and management teams
  • Facilitating and train facilitators in involving and co-creating meetings and big group dialogues
  • Implement structures for continuous improvements and train managers and internal consultants in being self supportive with assessements, trainings and workshops
  • Life and career planning – coaching
  • Conflict solving
  • Safety culture

Languages: Swedish (native) and English (proficient)

An interesting story you have about your DI / Trialogue application:
I worked with a management team for two days. They had a lot of energy and aims and their desire was to be one of the most innovative organisations in their business. After two days workshop I left them with many plans. When we met again after two months they hadn´t done anything what they sad they should have done. I asked them if there was any meaning that we went on with the process and why things should happen this time when it didn´t happen anything after the first time. They answered that they absolutely wanted to continue. In the afternoon of the first day I made the DI with them. They were all Green! Everyone was working very hard and future-focused but not coordinated and not together and no one took the command of the group. This was a big and important insight to the group. Now they could talk about how to become more Red and Blue without changing group members.

Contact information:

mail: liv.cardell(at)

mob: +46 733 744 777

Skype: Liv Cardell

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