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Red, Blue and Green - the Global Team

- network of Diversity Icebreaker / Trialogue consultants

Leah Davcheva

PhD, Founder and Director of AHA moments, Centre for Intercultural Learning, Solutions Focus and Host Leadership

DI / Trialogue experience: I have used the concept since 2008 with a variety of teams and groups in education, in the corporate and NGO sectors, and with fellow trainers to raise people’s awareness of differences as a resource rather than a disadvantage.

Background: PhD from the University of Sofia in Education and languages. Extensive experience in teaching English to speakers of other languages; practices in intercultural education, Solutions focus coaching and training for Host Leadership.

Key competencies:

  • interpersonal communication
  • Solutions Focus coaching
  • narrative research
  • hosting online professional communities
  • developing online and face-to-face courses and seminars
  • mobility

Languages: Bulgarian (native), English and Russian (proficient), Spanish (learning…)

An interesting story you have about your DI / Trialogue application:
My favorite setting is train-the-trainer workshops. I love the way understanding and enthusiasm emerge as fellow-trainers discover the beauty of the tool and how it drives people to awareness and action.

Contact information:

mail: leah.davcheva(at)

Skype: leah.davcheva

Leah’s online presense