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Red, Blue and Green - the Global Team

- network of Diversity Icebreaker consultants

Diversity Icebreaker® – a tool to improve collaboration

We believe in energizing workshops, which are fun to both facilitate and take part in. We are dedicated to bringing long-lasting understanding through positive emotional engagement.

The Diversity Icebreaker questionnaire and workshop were developed in Norway between 1995-1997 by psychologist Bjørn Z. Ekelund and his company, Human Factors AS. To date, the tool has been translated into 19 languages and is being implemented in both very large and small organizations worldwide. It has been applied in 70 countries worldwide:

Countries where the Diversity Icebreaker® has been used


The questionnaire

The Diversity Icebreaker® builds upon a questionnaire that measure preferences for interaction, communication and problem-solving styles. After completing the 10-minute questionnaire, participants engage in a set of unique group processes to develop a shared understanding of how to make best use of the diversity of their group. The intervention is designed to create a non-judgmental atmosphere through personal sharing and humorous, interpersonal interactions.

The workshop

The concept is easy to use for consultants and facilitators; easy to understand for participants; and scientifically validated. A typical Diversity Icebreaker workshop lasts between one to one-and-one-half hours and is typically conducted for groups of anywhere from 9 to 200 participants. (Click here for more about applying the tool with larger groups). The formula is context-adaptable and opens possibilities to lead further development processes in various directions after the workshop.

Red, Blue, and Green – Global Team

Red Blue Green Team is a group of approximately 40 professionally training consultants from around the world. They have diverse backgrounds and unique competencies. What they have in common is their passion and knowledge about the Diversity Icebreaker®  – a unique training concept enabling people to collaborate through a clearer understanding of communication preferences. This website’s purpose is to contribute to the growth of this concept while promoting the trainers, coaches and consultants involved in sharing their passion to clients and companies worldwide.

The Red Blue Green Global Team represents individual external consultants that can facilitate Diversity Icebreaker seminars. These professionals are training consultants, workshop facilitators, executive coaches and consultants with diverse competencies and a passion for bringing clearer communication to their clients and client companies. They are our extended arms into different countries around the world. With their vast range of competencies, this group creates environments where learning, sharing and creativity abound. This positivity and engagement is what we are keen to develop with our customers.

As a potential customer, you can contact anyone in the network directly, either because of excellence in a specific field, mastery of language or geographical proximity. We are here to give our support to Diversity Icebreaker competence for all involved.

Go to Members for the overview and personal information of the team members.